• #1000 - #1030 | Shipping Mar 17th
  • #1031 - #1060 | Shipping Mar 17th
  • #1061 - #1100 | Shipping Mar 24th


    Haymaker has undergone some manufacturing delays over the last several weeks due to a high volume of custom orders, for this reason, every single customer that has been affected, will receive Free Product from our company, at the moment, we need an additional two weeks to deliver on your costume equipment. in the meantime, we will be sending you a free pair of Haymaker gloves, as well as a $50 gift card to use on the website.

    We are aware that many customers have been trying to reach us but we are a bit understaffed and working on getting email support back up and running. 

    Haymaker will also be shifting away from custom orders in an attempt to get away from many complications we will be selling a limited option of colors on the website.

    For updates moving forward please review our updates page.